Adapter Set

Every Sprindex already includes an Adapter set.  This is an extra Adapter set in case you lost your originals that includes 2 pairs of adapters to fit most shock brands.  Note that Rockshox shocks do not require any adapter and this set does not include a Rockshox washer.

The 2 adapters marked "Fox, Marzocchi, etc" may also fit other brands that have a coil inner diameter of about 35.5 to 36mm.

The 2 adapters marked "DVO, Cane Creek, X-Fusion, etc" may also fit Ohlins an other brands have have a coil inner diameter of about 36.2 to 37mm

No adapter needed for Rockshox, Formula Mod, EXT.  Note, Sprindex fits too tightly to EXT sometimes so we do not actually recommend Sprindex for it.  The inner diameter is without adapter is 38.3mm.

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