What riders are saying:

What media is saying:

Pinkbike:  Innovation of the year nomination.

VitalMTB:  "Coolest product ever alert.  Offering real-world adjustability, Sprindex solves many riders' chief reservation in riding a coil rear shock."

Bikemag:  "...depending on your bike, a body-weight difference of 5 pounds might require a 25-pound shift in spring rate. That means many riders will end up between ideal spring rates. Plus, what if on Wednesday you’re going for a packless lunch loop, and on Sunday, you’re going for a fully-loaded epic? Or what if both of those days featured a jump-filled flow trail and a rock-covered minefield? Your only choice would be to crank your preload or swap your spring to match and, again, neither solution is ideal. Enter the Sprindex."

BikeRumor:  "Coil shocks are widely regarded as superior to air shocks for rear wheel suspension but their practical usability has suffered greatly from a lack of adjustability, until now."

GMBN Tech:  "Sprindex has brought out a really cool system:  an adjustable spring rate coil.  That's a smart idea."

 Cycling Magazine:  "Tool-free spring rate adjustment is coming to coil shocks, thanks to Sprindex. The new coil spring system allows riders to fine tune their coil spring rate, instead of having to switch between coils to get the correct spring rate.

Ruote Pedali:  "Simple, clear, brilliant.  Sprindex responds to an actual need, namely that of having a spring exactly adaptable to your riding style and weight, without being affected by the preload effect, which is deleterious for a spring shock absorber."

MTB-MAG:  "In common springs for shock absorbers, the increments are 50 pounds (in some cases, 25 lb), which does not allow a fine tuning adjustment for intermediate values. Sprindex solves this problem."

Bike Perfect:  "Sprindex has taken the bother out of coil shock ownership with an elegantly simple mechanical solution.  Sprindex is an innovative solution to one of dual-suspension mountain biking’s great annoyances."